I sometimes wonder what it would be like to watch the last decade of my life on the big screen. And then when I think back to everything that's happened, I'm glad nobody filmed it. My former neighbor once told me that if I wrote a book about my experiences, anyone reading it would swear it was fiction. 
I know now that there were reasons why I went through the adversity and that sharing my stories is more beneficial than keeping things to myself. Initially, it was difficult to bare my soul for all to see because there was a time when I couldn't tell many people anything about what I endured on a daily basis.  
I've accepted that my identity is ever-changing, that my experiences constantly teach me important lessons and that my destination will always be beyond my reach.This blog will be a mixture of writing about what I've been through, the process of rebuilding, moving forward, observations, opinions, random thoughts, and inspirations.
A bit about me: I am a single mother of two kiddos (one grown and one nearly grown) and native New Orleanian who's lived abroad for a number of years. I've been writing since I was 12 years old and it's now what believe I was born to do ~ writing to help others. 
So...here ends the brief introduction. I'm glad, too ~ initial blog entries are always the hardest to write. 
Until next time...
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